Raising dependable Christian leaders

The needs: There are Indonesian students and workers in Seattle metro area (Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma) that are not currently served by Indonesian churches. These students are longing to have Indonesian christian fellowship in campus, while these workers are faced with unique challenges that prevent them from attending typical Sunday service. Just like any other Christians, they too have needs for a community to encourage and spur their walk with Christ. Our mission is to bring the gospel to Indonesian students and workers in their place of study or employment, and to nurture them towards Christian maturity.

Get involved: God is in a mission to reconciling humanity to Himself. You are invited to be part of it. Through this outreach mission you are offered the following opportunities:

Come join us and help us to meet our pledge target ($3000/month for 24 months) so we can launch this mission.

NOTE: At this point we are collecting your name and pledge amount. When we had enough pledge to launch this mission, we will contact you to get more details e.g. automated credit card payment, direct debit, etc.



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